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The State of IoT Testing
Posted by Twain Taylor in Guest Blog PostsIoT

IoT is moving past the hype curve, past the trough of disillusionment, and into the slope of enlightenment—the model used by Gartner to estimate the traction any new technological innovation currently has. MachNation estimates hyper-growth for IoT in the coming decade. Source: MachNation With revenue from IoT platforms pegged at a mere $3B in 2018, it is set to explode to $65B by 2026. The [...]

Functional Testing And The IoT
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Guest Blog PostsIoTQAQuality Assurance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality in our everyday lives. We are living in an era of technology in which everyday gadgets have Internet connectivity, and send and receive data. The world is becoming increasingly connected because of the shift to what many are calling the Internet of Things (IoT). How do we ensure quality and security in all these connected gadgets? We all know [...]

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