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Improving Mobile Testing with Device Access
Posted by Twain Taylor in Mobile Development & Testing

Setting up and maintaining your own test infrastructure and device lab in-house is getting harder and harder to do. That’s why using an on-demand testing service for the bulk of your testing is the way to go for DevOps teams. Why, you ask? Well, let us count the ways. Here’s a look at the main reasons why you’ll derive the greatest value by using an on-demand testing service. [...]

When to Automate Mobile Tests

There are a few speed bumps in the path of releasing mobile products, even for teams with the most current XP/agile/DevOps process. New software is usually delivered through iTunes or the Google Play store. Before getting into the store, there are approval and testing procedures that companies must follow. Getting a new version out if there are bugs in production is more complicated than [...]

A Comprehensive Approach to Mobile Application Testing
Posted by Mike Mackrory in Mobile Development & Testing

In the world of mobile application development, you may find yourself deciding whether to rely on testing with actual devices for your tests or to make use of emulated devices testing against a simulated environment—but the question you really should be asking isn’t about the use of one or the other. Instead, you need to focus on why both are important, and how you can test with both. [...]

Why Automated Testing is Critical to Your Mobile Applications
Posted by Mike Mackrory in Mobile Development & Testing

For even the most battle-hardened developer, the world of mobile development can be fraught with pitfalls and unseen dangers. No longer is the developer simply responsible for producing bug-free and fault-tolerant code—now they must deploy those solutions into an environment with: An ever-increasing number of devices, each with a unique set of special features Software updates and [...]

3 Things to Consider as You Adopt a Mobile Regression Testing Plan
Posted by Sauce Labs in MobileMobile Development & Testing

As testers who focus primarily on testing web and desktop applications, what is the difference between regression testing traditional web/desktop applications and mobile applications? The standard Wikipedia definition of regression testing is the process of testing changes to computer programs to make sure that the older programming still works with the new changes. Regression testing is a [...]

Emulators are Great, But Real-Device Testing Is Still Essential
Posted by Brena Monteiro in Mobile Development & Testing

Emulators have come far since the early days of software testing. Today, emulators work so well that you may wonder why you can’t use them for everything. Well, the reality is that, although emulators are a great tool for many situations, they’re no magic bullet. There are cases where testing on real devices is just a better approach. In this post, I explain why you can’t always [...]

Public or Private Cloud?
Should I Use a Public or a Private Mobile Cloud?
Posted by Justin Rohrman in Mobile Development & Testing

Software projects have a special way of creeping and taking over like a kudzu vine. A company might start making an iPad app that Doctors use to document their cases. Pretty soon, a new version of iOS comes out, and then two new versions of the iPad. Nurses are added to the user base 6 months later and they have a few different versions of the iPhone in mind. Supporting a couple of devices is no [...]

Mobile App Testing - Main Challenges, Different Approaches, One Solution
Posted by Ely Hechtel in MobileMobile Development & Testing

Mobile app testing is crucial  for mobile app development in the digital transformation era we live in. A large number of companies are already aware of how important mobile app testing is, but most of them struggle with implementing it successfully in their development cycle. This free ebook gives an overview on this hot topic for those who are starting to approach this subject and for [...]

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