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Get Real with vUSB

Sauce Labs Virtual USB (vUSB) for Real Devices simulates the connection of a real device using a USB cable to your local machine during a live or automated testing session. Cool, but so what? This means that developers have full control over the device while performing development and debugging activities in the Sauce Labs cloud—eliminating the need for real devices while receiving all the [...]

Speedo - Your Sauce Performance Sidekick
Posted by Christian Bromann in Performance TestingSauce Product Info

As part of the launch of Sauce Performance, a single solution for both front-end functional and front-end performance metrics, we developed Speedo. A tool that enables Sauce Performance to integrate with any CI/CD system. In our research, we found one of the biggest obstacles to getting started with shifting performance testing left was the lack of proper tooling and guides for best practices on [...]

New Sauce Performance Offers Actionable Insights to Improve User Experience and Speed Delivery

Today, we’re happy to officially introduce Sauce Performance: a single solution for both front-end functional and front-end performance metrics that gives developers a more complete view of test environments without having to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure. No third-party tools required, either!Sauce Performance uses root-cause analysis as part of front-end functional tests [...]

New Sauce Labs Node.JS Package
Posted by Christian Bromann in JavaScriptOpen SourceSauce Product Info

Sauce Labs is proud to announce a new major upgrade to our Node.JS API wrapper. After many years of amazing maintenance work by people like Dan Jenkins, Daniel Perez Alvarez and others we assumed ownership of the project and will continue to maintain it going forward. The new version (v2) of the API wrapper comes with a lot of new features and support for a variety of API endpoints that [...]

Sauce Performance: Get Machine Learning-Driven Insights While Using Existing Selenium Scripts

Today, speed to market and user experience matter just as much to customers as product quality. Software developers find themselves under increasing pressure to deliver fast and flawlessly, and there’s simply no margin for error. This makes rapid iterations on front-end performance testing more critical than ever. Enter Sauce Performance—a brand-new offering that we are especially [...]

How To Test Offline Modes of Web Applications on Sauce Labs
Posted by Yaroslav Borets in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product Info

In today’s world, web applications are the foundation of many enterprise tools and have many states and edge cases that need to be thoroughly tested. While out-of-the-box WebDriver support across various browser vendors is enough to cover most test cases, some areas are still not covered, such as application performance statistics or network manipulation. As part of a recent announcement, [...]

Test Insights Now Available for Sauce Labs Customers

Sauce Labs is taking the next step to give you visibility into your test results with the release of the Insights module of Test Analytics. Our first release, Test Trends, gave developers visibility into test pass/fail rates over time. Insights extends that by diving deeper into the results of an individual test with details on pass/fail trends to determine flakiness. One of the most frustrating [...]

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