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Top 10 Resources for Test Automation Newbies

Over the years friends and former colleagues have asked me for test automation training advice. A common comment I hear is that they find it difficult to lock in a goal to learn only one technology and continue building off it. Then, along their journey, they easily become sidetracked. If you are experiencing the same struggles, I’ve included some needed resources for test automation [...]

Recap: Selenium 2015 Conference

Portland, Oregon is surrounded by green forests. It’s a bike-friendly city, with an abundance of craft beer, and despite the rain it's where everyone wants to be. The Selenium Conference Committee wisely picked beautiful Portland for this year’s conference. Image source: Test the Web Forward Going to conferences always energizes me. It rejuvenates my focus and determination. Why? I [...]

How To Run Your Automated Web Tests on Any Browser
Posted by Dave Haeffner in Best PracticesGuest Blog PostsSeleniumSoftware Development & Testing

This is the second post in a 3-part series on getting started off with automated web testing on the right foot. You can find the first post here and third post here. The Problem In the last post we stepped through how to write an automated web test that uses automated visual testing to perform assertions. This is a strong first step. But the test as it's written will only work on one browser [...]

How To Test Responsive Web Apps with Selenium
Posted by Dave Haeffner in AutomationGuest Blog PostsSelenium

The Problem When testing a web application with a responsive layout you'll want to verify that it renders the page correctly in the common resolutions your users use. But how do you do it? Historically this type of verification has been done manually at the end of a development workflow -- which tends to lead to delays and visual defects getting released into production. A Solution We can easily [...]

Video: Jason Huggins - Fixing, One Test at a Time
Posted by Bill McGee in Selenium

This week, Sauce Labs co-founder and Selenium creator Jason Huggins came to visit to chat about his leave of absence to help fix  For those who missed his talk at the Selenium meetup, we're happy to report that we got our hands on a recording.  Check out the video below to watch. In the video, Jason references a federal "digital playbook" that was written and published following [...]

Speed up Selenium with Application Mocks

Let’s face it, we all know Selenium is slow. Not the Selenium scripts themselves, but the process of interacting with the operating system and browser drivers, in addition to your application’s own responsiveness. Luckily for us, there’s a great way to speed up functional testing in Selenium by combining a comprehensive parallel testing grid with application mocks. Solutions like Sauce that [...]

Practical Tips + Tricks for Selenium Test Automation [RECAP]
Posted by Bill McGee in SeleniumSelenium ResourcesWebinars

Thanks to all of you who joined us for Practical Tips + Tricks for Selenium Test Automation with expert Dave Haeffner – author of The Selenium Guidebook. In this webinar, Dave explained the best and most useful tips & tricks from his weekly Selenium tip newsletter ( Topics covered included: Headless test execution Testing HTTP status codes Blacklisting [...]

Applitools Recognizes 16 Influencers + Thought Leaders in Test Automation

Saucesome news in the automated testing world! Our friends at Applitools recognized several Sauce employees and friends in their Top 16 Influencers and Thought Leaders in Test Automation list, including our Co-Founder Jason Huggins, Director of Ecosystems and Integrations Jonathan Lipps, and Selenium expert Dave Haeffner. Applitools stated, Influencers and thought leaders in Testing Automation [...]

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