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Sauce Labs Welcomes Adobe BrowserLab Customers

Following Adobe's announcement that BrowserLab is shutting down its service, Sauce Labs is pleased to extend a special offer to all BrowserLab users to try Sauce's cloud-based interactive testing service. We know change is hard, particularly when you're used to working with a certain tool. That's why we want to make the switch from BrowserLab to Sauce Labs as seamless as possible. You can [...]

The Selenium 'click' Command

Introduction The golden rule of web application testing states that “You can find a number of bugs by simply clicking randomly on various places." This is especially true for User Interface bugs. If you are using Selenium for automating your application’s User Interface tests, it is important to know how the “” command works in order to simulate user [...]

Selenium Tips: Finding elements by their inner text using :contains, a CSS pseudo-class
Posted by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez in SeleniumSelenium Resources

As we already mentioned in our previous posts CSS Selectors in Selenium Demystified and Start Improving Your Locators, CSS as a location strategy generally far outperforms XPATH. That's why for this Tip of the Week, we are presenting our users one more CSS pseudo-class to keep moving their test suites to this faster and cleaner location strategy. Let's imagine you have an element like the [...]

Selenium Tips - CSS Selectors in Selenium Demystified
Posted by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez in SeleniumSelenium ResourcesSoftware Development & Testing

Following my previous Selenium testing Tip of The Week about improving your locators, this blog post will show you some advanced CSS rules and pseudo-classes that will help you move your XPATH locators to CSS, a native approach on all browsers. Next sibling Our first example is useful for navigating lists of elements, such as forms or ul items. The next sibling will tell selenium to find the [...]

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