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How To Test Behind Your Firewall With Sauce Connect
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

Check out the video from yesterday's Firewalls and Testing in the Cloud webinar to see how to connect your local and firewalled servers to our cloud using Sauce Connect. We give live tutorial webinars every two weeks. If you'd like to attend an upcoming session, visit our webinars page. Happy testing!

Tips From Our Codebase To Help You Write Reliable Selenium Tests
Posted by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez in EventsSelenium ResourcesVideos

As part of our new "Test Like A Ninja Webinar Series," I held an improv webinar last week that covered how to write better Selenium tests. Most of the content came from my own Selenium experience, as well as experience gleaned from working on our own customers' issues. Without further ado, here's the video: And here are some of the code snippets I talked about: Implicit waits in Selenium 1: [...]

Javascript + Selenium: The Rockstar Combination of Testing
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsSelenium ResourcesVideos

For our July Selenium meetup, held last Thursday, we wanted to give attendees something a little different to chew on. Thanks to our good friends at Yammer, who co-hosted the event with us, we did so not only with delicious catered Mexican food, but also plenty of Javascript & Selenium testing goodness to go around. Bob Remeika, senior engineer at Yammer, gave a spirited presentation that [...]

Why BeachMint Can't Live Without Sauce Labs
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Videos

When it came time for popular eCommerce company Beachmint to launch their first consumer brand JewelMint last year, they knew automated testing would be a key component in their development process. But they weren't keen on taking on the overhead costs of setting up, running, and maintaining their own testing infrastructure. So they turned to Sauce Labs. Watch the video below to see how Sauce [...]

Why CSS Locators are the way to go vs XPath
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsSelenium ResourcesVideos

Last week, our own Santiago Suarez Ordoñez gave a presentation to the San Francisco Selenium Meetup group that convinced us all to say no (for the most part) to XPath and yes to CSS Locators in our Selenium testing. In his role as official Sauce Ninja and as a prolific poster in the Selenium forums, Santi has helped more users solve locator issues than possibly anyone else in the world. [...]

Sauce Builder Webinar: From zero to creating, storing and running automated tests in under 30 mins
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in News & Product UpdatesVideos

// '); } builder_webinar.validate_register = function() { var email = $("#builder_email")[0].value var firstname = $("#builder_firstname")[0].value; var lastname = $("#builder_lastname")[0].value; if(^\s*[\w-+]+(.[\w-+]+)@[\w-+]+.[\w-+]+(.[\w-+_]+)\s*$/) As you may have heard, we recently released a new, free tool that makes building and running [...]

#SeConf Videos Now Available!
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Videos

In case you missed the awesome Selenium Conference that happened in early April, check out videos from each of the presentations. We'll be posting a couple at a time, so stay tuned to future posts. Jason Huggins' Opening Keynote Dave Hunt & Andrew Smith: Automating Canvas Applications Despite recent improvements to automated testing tools, there’s still a large gap when it comes to [...]

Testing Your Mobile Apps with Selenium 2 and Frank
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsSelenium ResourcesVideos

In case you missed our last SF Selenium Meetup, check out video below of the two great presentations on mobile testing. Pete Hodgsen, a software consultant with Thoughtworks, discussed how to use Frank, a new testing framework he's involved in developing, for automated acceptance testing of native iOS apps. Jason Huggins, creator of Selenium and co-founder of Sauce Labs, followed this by demoing [...]

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