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#SFSE Video: Selenium Problem Solving Sessions
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsSelenium ResourcesVideos

A new year of San Francisco Selenium Meetups got off to a great start with our February meetup, hosted by our friends at OPOWER. Attendees were treated to four different presentations by: Eric Allen, a developer at Sauce Labs, who spoke about the different ways you can (and should) use Selenium's Proxy Server Dan Fabulich, Senior QA Engineer at Redfin, who shared a technique for using [...]

Video Demo: RSpec + Selenium + Sauce OnDemand
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

Thanks to all who tuned in to our live web demo last week, Using RSpec + Selenium to Test Your Ruby Builds Faster. Sauce Labs Developer Sean Grove walked attendees through the steps of writing an RSpec test and for Selenium testing, and then showed how to run that test across multiple browsers in the cloud using Sauce OnDemand. For those of you who missed it, check out Sean's sample code on [...]

#SFSE Meetup Videos: Hudson with Selenium + Sauce OnDemand
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

At our last #SFSE meetup at StumbleUpon, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Hudson, gave a fantastic presentation on Hudson and the integrations with Selenium. He also unveiled a new Hudson plugin for Sauce OnDemand, documented here in an earlier blog post. Hudson is an easy-to-use, open-source Continuous Integration (CI) server that supports distributed builds and multiple extensions, including [...]

Bromine + Sauce Labs: One Big Happy Integration
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Videos

The good people behind Bromine, an open-source QA tool that allows you to easily run and view your Selenium RC tests, recently created a Sauce Labs integration. This means you can now run your Bromine tests with Sauce Labs’ in-the-cloud service, Sauce OnDemand, with the added bonus of having a jobs queue AND video playback. Exciting news for all!

5/19 Meetup Videos: How Mozilla and LinkedIn use Selenium
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

We had another successful meetup on May 19 (the enthusiasm from you guys just keeps getting better!), and are pleased to share video highlights of the presentations. Mozilla did more than just host the event; they offered up QA engineer Stephen Donner and QA intern Raymond Etornam to share how Mozilla benefits from using Selenium Grid and Hudson to test their web applications using continuous [...]

Highlights from our April 20th Selenium Testing Tools Demo Night
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

Below are clips from our most recent Selenium meetup, which drew quite an enthusiastic crowd. Presenters Ray Vizzone of Test Labs, Inc and Matt Krapivner of Smart Pilot, David Vydra of Guideware, and Quality Tree founder Elisabeth Hendrickson were on hand at the Sauce Labs office to demonstrate leading edge tools / techniques that make functional testing easier and more effective. Also featured [...]

Selenium 2.0 and Beyond!
Posted by John Dunham in Selenium ResourcesVideos

On Weds. 11-Nov-09, sponsored by Sauce Labs and, Simon Stewart (Google) and Jason Huggins (Sauce Labs) reprised their Zurich GTAC 09 talk on this subject.  Fortunately, this time both microphones worked.  Check out their "and one more thing" item at the end. Here's the Q & A session as well:

Continuous Deployment
Posted by John Dunham in Selenium ResourcesVideos

On 22-Sep-09, at the Sauce Labs-sponsored SF Selenium Meetup held at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA, Timothy Fitz knocked the socks off of an assembled group of 70+ web developers, presenting about IMVU's legendary Continuous Deployment system. As promised we recorded the presentation for the benefit of those who could not attend. Enjoy: To make it easier to follow along the slides [...]

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