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How Verizon Media Achieved Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing at Scale
Posted by Alissa Lydon in Continuous TestingSoftware Development & Testing

Verizon Media is a digital content giant, with leading brands in its portfolio such as Huffington Post, AOL, TechCrunch, and more. Over one billion people love and trust Verizon Media’s media, tech and communication products, and to stay ahead of the pack their teams know that it’s critical to continually delight their users with a quality experience across all of their brands. To [...]

What Does Kubernetes Mean for Software Testing?
Posted by Theo Despoudis in Software Development & Testing

Kubernetes has changed the way we think about running containers at scale. So far, developers and operations teams enjoy working with it as it enables agile, resilient delivery of their applications in the cloud and beyond. But what does it really mean to have Kubernetes as a container management system for the QA team, and how can they make the best use of this technology? In this article we [...]

What DevOps Engineers Should Know About Automated Software Testing
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Continuous TestingDevOpsSoftware Development & Testing

If you’re a DevOps engineer, you might not think of software testing as a major part of your job. After all, the core mission of DevOps is to combine development and IT operations; testing and quality assurance are not usually a central part of the DevOps conversation (unless, of course, you are talking about QAOps). This does not mean, however, that DevOps engineers shouldn’t be [...]

Why Selenium Is My Favorite Test Automation Framework
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in SeleniumSoftware Development & Testing

The move to DevOps and Agile development practices has ushered in an era where automated application testing is all but required. This development has led to the creation of numerous test automation frameworks to help make the lives of software developers and testers easier. One framework in particular provides significant benefits to a DevOps team testing their web applications. This popular [...]

Women in Testing: Abby Bangser
Posted by Rebecca Cramer in QAQuality AssuranceSoftware Development & Testing

This series highlights the contributions and expertise of the many talented women in the testing community. For this post, we interviewed Abby Bangser to learn about her experience. Abby is a key contributor to the community, speaking frequently at industry events, developing educational content and mentoring up-and-coming testers. After initially planning to become a developer, Abby Bangser [...]

5 Ways That Smart Software Testing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

As a technology leader or product owner in your organization, you operate with the underlying assumption that your DevOps team’s activities should improve the organization’s bottom line. When it comes to development, it’s easy to identify the connection between building new features and improved revenues. With Ops teams as well, you can easily see that improving availability and [...]

Get Real with vUSB

Sauce Labs Virtual USB (vUSB) for Real Devices simulates the connection of a real device using a USB cable to your local machine during a live or automated testing session. Cool, but so what? This means that developers have full control over the device while performing development and debugging activities in the Sauce Labs cloud—eliminating the need for real devices while receiving all the [...]

Women in Testing: Allison Wilbur
Posted by Rebecca Cramer in Software Development & Testing

This series highlights the contributions and expertise of some of the talented women in the testing community. For this one, we interviewed Allison Wilbur, a software engineer right here at Sauce Labs who works closely with our internal team as well as our customers. Growing up, Allison Wilbur loved computers and fell in love with programming. She got her bachelor’s degree in computer [...]

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