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2019 Saucy Award Winners
Posted by Rebecca Cramer

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural Saucy Awards! We created the Saucy Awards this year to celebrate the outstanding achievements of organizations leveraging automated testing and continuous delivery. Each one of our finalists has made a tangible impact on their business with continuous testing—exactly what we envisioned highlighting with the Saucys. The following [...]

To Build or To Buy: The Digital Transformation Conundrum
Posted by Kimberly Falk in AppiumQASeleniumSoftware Development & Testing

On the road to digital maturity, the question of build vs. buy often arises for many companies when it comes to technology initiatives. And discussions tend to fall into two camps—customization and cost. Established companies like to perceive themselves as highly unique with any off-the-shelf package requiring extensive customization to meet their specific needs. And cost-conscious [...]

Posted by Greg Sypolt in Guest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

What is Jest? Jest is an open source library for testing JavaScript code, maintained by Facebook. It’s more than another testing solution — It’s the complete package. It provides everything out of the box, from unit to front-end browser testing. You don’t need to add additional assertion libraries, mock functions or services. Let me walk through a handful of reasons why [...]

When (And When Not) to Use Headless Testing

As the volume of testing increases in the software delivery lifecycle as part of the shift left movement, one of the biggest challenges facing development and testing teams is how to optimize resources. After all, time and infrastructure are very real constraints. And in the real world, It’s important to find ways to get the most test coverage with the infrastructure you have available. One [...]

Overcoming Challenges When Moving Toward Parallel Testing
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Best PracticesContinuous TestingSoftware Development & Testing

As we know, parallel testing refers to the process of running multiple automated test scripts simultaneously against various configurations. This strategy provides numerous benefits that can assist a development organization in delivering a high-quality product without slowing the speed of delivery. It’s easy to understand the benefits of parallel testing. By running multiple tests at once, [...]

Women in Testing: Ashley Hunsberger
Posted by Rebecca Cramer in Quality AssuranceSoftware Development & Testing

Inspired by International Women’s Day last month, we’re highlighting the contributions and expertise of the many talented women in the testing community. For the first post in this series, we interviewed Ashley Hunsberger to learn about her experience. Ashley is a key contributor to the community, speaking frequently at events like SeleniumConf, Agile Testing Days, SauceCon and more. [...]

Sauce Labs and CI/CD – Adding Sauce to Your Pipeline

In the bad old days of software development, developers and testers were placed on different teams and often siloed. This created frustration and long feedback loops as developers "threw" builds and features "over the wall" to testers on a different team. With the advent of modern software development practices, this is fortunately changing; testers and developers are working collaboratively, [...]

Speedo - Your Sauce Performance Sidekick
Posted by Christian Bromann in Performance TestingSauce Product Info

As part of the launch of Sauce Performance, a single solution for both front-end functional and front-end performance metrics, we developed Speedo. A tool that enables Sauce Performance to integrate with any CI/CD system. In our research, we found one of the biggest obstacles to getting started with shifting performance testing left was the lack of proper tooling and guides for best practices on [...]

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