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Announcing The Saucy Award 2019 Finalists
Posted by Rebecca Cramer

Drum roll, please! We’ve been busy collecting nominations for the inaugural Saucy Awards to honor continuous testing excellence, and we’ve got an awesome list of finalists to announce. We created the Saucy Awards to celebrate the outstanding achievements of organizations leveraging automated testing and continuous delivery. Each one of our finalists has made a tangible impact on their [...]

New Sauce Performance Offers Actionable Insights to Improve User Experience and Speed Delivery

Today, we’re happy to officially introduce Sauce Performance: a single solution for both front-end functional and front-end performance metrics that gives developers a more complete view of test environments without having to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure. No third-party tools required, either!Sauce Performance uses root-cause analysis as part of front-end functional tests [...]

New Sauce Labs Node.JS Package
Posted by Christian Bromann in JavaScriptOpen SourceSauce Product Info

Sauce Labs is proud to announce a new major upgrade to our Node.JS API wrapper. After many years of amazing maintenance work by people like Dan Jenkins, Daniel Perez Alvarez and others we assumed ownership of the project and will continue to maintain it going forward. The new version (v2) of the API wrapper comes with a lot of new features and support for a variety of API endpoints that [...]

Yes, Containers Can Improve Software Testing Too
Posted by Chris Riley in QASoftware Development & Testing

Docker containers have become massively popular in recent years, due in large part to their promise to make it possible to "build once, run anywhere." That feature, combined with containers' greater resource efficiency as compared to virtual machines, and the fact that Docker is fully open source, are key advantages of containers if you're a developer or sysadmin. But the reasons to consider [...]

Tech Talk: The Mobile Test Pyramid
Posted by Kimberly Falk in Mobile Development & Testing

It’s no secret that mobile apps are a requirement for any organization that wants to engage with their users. But customer experience is everything, and while there has been a lot of discussion around mobile development practices, it seems that testing is being left behind. Teams that are undertaking new mobile projects often feel lost when it comes to testing these applications, and are [...]

Evolving Your Automated Test Suite Over Time
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in AutomationSoftware Development & Testing

In a perfect world, you'd have time to write an automated test for every piece of code that you add to your application. In the real world, that's not feasible. You have to be strategic in selecting what to automate and what not to automate. You will also find yourself having to reevaluate your automated testing strategy from time to time. As your applications change, your testing strategy should [...]

What is Your Communication Template for Testing Results?
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Software Development & Testing

In software testing, running the tests is the easy part. Communicating the results of tests to all stakeholders is what’s challenging. That’s especially true in today’s age of DevOps, which places a priority on continuous communication and continuous improvement — goals that you can only achieve when you have an effective way of sharing software testing data across your [...]

How to Future-Proof Your Mobile Testing Strategy

How can you future-proof your mobile testing strategy? Given the rate at which significant mobile hardware and software updates appear, this is a critical question to answer. Keep reading for tips on ensuring that your mobile testing workflow is ready to keep evolving, along with the mobile hardware and software it needs to support. The ever-changing nature of mobile testing One of the challenges [...]

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