See why the world's highest performing dev teams test with Sauce Labs.

Industry Examples

Software, Technology and Internet Services

When your site (or app) is your business, quality is paramount. Sauce Labs is the automated testing vendor of choice for today’s technology leaders, as well as the hottest startups.

Banking and Financial Services

Online banking is a core differentiator in today’s digital-first economy. Sauce Labs enables many of today’s largest financial institutions to test quickly and securely in our cloud.


When it comes to online shopping, your competitors are just a click away. Make sure your site and apps work on every browser and OS combination with Sauce Labs.


Online publishers and media companies understand that content is king. To keep your subscribers coming back for more, it must work on the browser, OS and device of their choice. Make sure it does. Test with Sauce Labs.


Having full logs, with videos and screenshots, has really helped us work more closely within our own team, as well as, more importantly, being able to show developers (automatically!) what the precise problem is.

Since using Sauce, our team is able to focus on automating more processes and expanding best practices and new industry standards such as mobile CI.

Customer service from the initial query to Sauce Labs to the product evaluation to contract negotiations to purchase and installation was seamless. They are so accommodating and easy to work with and this allowed us to go from initial discussion to implementation in what I would consider one of the shortest timeframes I've seen with a new product. And I have seen many products in my 21+ year career.

Their product gave us the ability to run multiple teams of testers across the various platforms that would be used by our customers without having to physically have the infrastructure in place. This drives our movement into continuous integration and the ability to test earlier in the cycle.

The configuration and options within Sauce Labs are endless, which makes it an excellent product. A well-designed and minimal interface has also helped me to stay productive and keep focused on the main tasks which I use it for (manual on-demand testing and using different environments to see expected behavior for our platform).

This service has enabled several employees here to schedule tests and shift left with CI, which offers reliability and minimizes variability.

Sauce Labs tool has improved my testing efficiency to allow me to include devices I may not have had time to test out before. As most QA people know we get pinched in the time we are given to test. This tool allows for more testing to be done in that limited amount of time, increasing the number of found issues before it reaches the customer.

We were really impressed by the capability of the Sauce Labs to provide us a rich infrastructure to test our apps quickly on various platforms in a single shot. It has made our tests more scalable and we can achieve a good quality product in quick time. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Prior to implementation we had a three month release cycle. Using Sauce Labs we were able to move to daily releases. Due to stable remote environment, we started believing in the product and now we are in true CI and CD.