10 Ways to Take Your Tests Into the 21st Century

For a number of test and quality engineers, the automated tests that are created are automated versions of manual tests and workflows. Nothing fancy about them. Nothing that improves the quality or lowers the risk of defects within the test suite itself. They run faster, but that is the only benefit.

Doing that creates a static regression test suite. In this day and age test engineers should be able to write tests that hit the edge cases without writing them out.

Tests written this way provide more value every time they run, and can solve for a few important use cases:

  • How do you deal with your mobile apps or different screen resolutions? Do you write out tests for these options?
  • How do you deal with dynamic data for your tests? How do you reproduce a test with specific data?
  • Even harder still is sharing specific test cases that fail with team members. How do you go about sharing those details?

Join Selenium Conference Committee member and automated testing expert Andrew Krug as he takes your tests into the 21st century in this practical and informative webinar.

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