An Introduction to Automated API Testing

As more and more apps are being assembled from a rapidly expanding array of microservices, APIs are the key to accessing these new architectures. New features often rely on upstream services that can only be accessed via APIs - so to test the functionality of these new components you’ll need to simulate those services.

While APIs are the backbone of the websites and apps we rely on today, automated testing of them is only starting to grow. Join Patrick Poulin, CEO of API Fortress, as he provides an introduction to API testing, the best ways to test your own APIs using popular tools available today, and demonstrates the orchestration of API tests as part of a Jenkins build process. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Clearly understand what API testing means.
  • Learn about best practices.
  • See demonstrations of popular testing tools.
  • Learn how to incorporate API testing into your deployments.
  • See how API testing can help reinforce your UI/UX testing.

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