Continuous Testing at Scale the Walmart Way with Test Armada

Walmart is the largest retail chain in the world and its technology arm, Walmart Labs, supports a number of websites and applications that are under constant development and testing. However, as with most large enterprises, they found their teams were operating in silos, and bogged down by slow manual testing practices. To keep up with user demand, Walmart made significant changes in the culture, process and tools they used to build new code, manage their build pipeline, and execute tests at speed. So they developed Test Armada, an open source platform consisting of a fleet of tools making cross-browser end-to-end testing fast, user-friendly, and valuable at scale, across all of their teams. When combined with automated testing and Sauce Labs, Test Armada enables Walmart to release higher quality software faster and make the entire team more productive.

The webinar will be hosted by Ken Drachnik, Sauce Labs and presented by a special guest, Pranav Verma, Sr Engineering Manager at Walmart Labs.

Pranav will talk about how Walmart migrated from many independent siloed teams doing manual testing to integrated teams that run over 50k automated tests daily using shared resources like Test Armada and Sauce Labs.


  • The steps large enterprises can take to move away from manual to automated testing
  • How Test Armada powers functional and performance automation across mulitple teams
  • How Walmart leverages their own tools with Sauce Labs to test at scale

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