How to Beat the Biggest Bottleneck to Continuous Cloud Deployments: Manual Testing

Silos. Lack of visibility. Some agile teams… some not. Manual handoffs. Bottlenecks. This summer, it’s time to get outside (your old processes) and take some time off (your application release cycle). Take back your weekends and spend more time by the pool. We’ll show you how to automate, orchestrate, and facilitate continuous everything – and that includes continuous testing – one of the biggest bottlenecks of all.

Join CA DevOps and Sauce Labs to learn the tips and tricks for a better summer… and beyond.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Automatically shift quality left: Orchestrate and automate testing in every phase of the SDLC with automated promotion and feedback loops
  • Accelerate testing in the cloud: Test web and mobile apps in parallel – achieve up to 10X improvement in testing time. Use tools of choice while optimizing every aspect of your complex, interdependent multi-application pipelines.
  • Get started in less than 1 hour…. and for free!

Achieve truly automated, continuous delivery (including continuous testing!!!) in the cloud with CA and Sauce Labs.

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