How to Optimise Continuous Testing

Organisations turn to Agile and DevOps to improve customer experience by maximising the speed of delivery without sacrificing quality. As the champions of quality, testers achieve this goal through continuous testing. Test Automation plays a major role in continuous testing; it is the backbone of the continuous test process. To achieve continuous testing, automation must be applied at every stage in the development process. Developing a smart automation strategy and using the right tools is critical achieving continuous testing since test scripts must be scalable and easy to maintain.

Join Gerie Owen, Vice President, Knowledge and Innovation-US at QualiTest Group and Giovanni Rago, Solutions Specialist at Sauce Labs as they discuss Test Optimisation being one of the keys to Continuous Testing. Webinar Date: Thursday, June 28th, 2018 Time: 1pm BST/ 2pm CEST


  • Implement continuous testing through test optimisation and automation
  • Develop a multi-layered test optimisation and automation strategy that includes all the types and levels of testing
  • Choose the right automation tool to build scalable, comprehensive test execution platform

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