Moving From a Selenium Grid to the Cloud - A Real Life Story

What is the most challenging thing in software development and release? It’s testing! Executing tests across multiple browsers and OSes is easy, but maintaining the testing infrastructure is time consuming and not a key part of our jobs as testers. The solution is to move testing to the cloud where resources are not limited, tests can run faster, and you can improve quality with better browser coverage. But, how do you handle the transition, and how does it impact your testing workflows?

Come hear how Anshul Sharma, Senior QA Engineer at Emmi Solutions, made the move from testing on an in-house Selenium Grid to the Cloud while expanding test coverage and making great strides in moving to a full continuous integration workflow.

In this Webinar Anshul will cover how Emmi Solutions:

  • Developed automated tests
  • Ran tests across multiple browsers and platform using Java, Selenium, and Sauce Labs
  • Used automated tests to help them achieve CI

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