Shifting Left Using Sauce Analytics

As companies begin to Shift Left with their software development, data analytics has become a pivotal force in how business leaders make strategic and tactical decisions. With the emergence of real-time customer feedback, it is imperative to deliver applications quickly and accurately. Omni Sourcing will showcase their integration with Sauce Analytics and customer defect management systems to spotlight the cost of testing as well as compare test efficiency over time and between releases, vendors and programs.

In this webinar William Harrison, managing director of Omni Sourcing, shows how you can gain more insights into your testing so you can evaluate testing using all the data available to you in a highly visual dashboard. Takeaways include:

  • How to use Test Analytics visualize your test trends and view historical pass / fail rates
  • Understand how to identify and fix Flaky tests
  • Reveal the costs of defects to help you prioritize your efforts

Attendees will take away a new way of looking at defects and metrics to help drive overall value for their organizations.

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