Test Smarter and Faster using Sauce Labs Test Analytics

Sauce Labs is taking the next step to help you analyze your tests with our new test Analytics. Our analytics provides near real time, multidimensional analysis of test results so teams can test and release faster. Developers, test engineers and QA can easily narrow down the individual failures from test trends, while managers can use the analytics interactive dashboard to get an overview of test coverage per business requirement and release readiness.

In this how-to webinar, we will show you how to use Sauce Analytics to track down failures by build and by test to troubleshoot faster. Join Savvithri Sivaraamakrishnan, product manager for Test Analytics, in this event that will give you new insights into the way you do testing.

You will learn how to access Sauce Analytics answer these questions:
  • Is my quality level increasing or decreasing over time?
  • Are my teams testing efficiently?
  • Identify errors that impede testing?
  • What failures are the most common?
  • How do I troubleshoot failed tests faster?

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